Aims and Objectives

Main objectives of the "Speech Pathology Tools" project are:

  • Increasing educational chances of children with speech and language impairments/problems by creating a pre-assessment mechanism for use by teachers at nursery and primary schools.
  • Intervening at the earliest stages of speech and language development (from age 4 to 10) by appropriate language support and therapy.
  • Helping children to fully benefit from education with a speech and language pathology online tool that will include mobile assessment, practical exercises and gamification aspects.

The speech and language pathology online tool will be open source, and available via the internet, freely downloadable from the Google Play App Store so teachers from nursery and primary school, children’s parents and carers will be able to easily access and use them. The resources will serve multiple purposes in development and support of language skills (grammar, syntax, vocabulary, phonology and narration) for children of different ages (from 4 to 10 years).

The speech and language pathology online tool will be designed to be interactive, highly engaging, user friendly and amusing, so it is expected that the Speech Pathology Tools project will make the intervention and implementation process more enjoyable and less distressing for children, their teachers, and parents.